Her Money Girl Boss

Is the term “Boss Girl” over?

Calling out a woman as a ‘girl boss’ can be viewed as insulting and offensive, career experts say. It’s time to stop.

Christine Spadafor on CNBC

From ‘quiet quitting’ to ‘loud layoffs’

Will career trends that created a buzz in 2022 continue in the new year?

Small Improvements Blog

5 ways to conquer quiet quitting with effective upward feedback

Unless you’ve been living under a rock this year, you’ve probably noticed that “quiet quitting” has gone viral.

The Chronicle of Higher Education

You’ve Burned Out. Now What?

Academe’s competitive productivity is a dead end.


How To Beat The Fear Of Burnout And ‘Quiet Quitting’ During A Company Acquisition

Burnout and ‘quiet quitting’ by mentally checking out are often heightened during organizational change that is dramatic, unwelcome and when the change is happening rapidly.

Christine Spadafor On How We Need To Adjust To The Future Of Work

Employees, particularly younger ones entering the workforce, are prioritizing corporate Purpose when selecting prospective employers.

Authority Magazine

Thriving As A Woman In a Male-Dominated Industry

An interview with Ming Zao: Christine Spadafor On The Five Things You Need To Thrive and Succeed as a Woman In a Male Dominated Industry.

Inside Higher Ed

Calling It Quits: Professors Are Leaving Academe During Great Resignation

Many professors are leaving their jobs during the Great Resignation, but stories about who is leaving, and why, abound. Will institutions be forced to respond with real change?

Fortune Magazine

A fight between a recruiter and job candidate over salary shows a growing divide in the war for talent

As generational shifts occur regarding work and money, one point of contention between salaried workers and the companies that hire them is wages.


Why women have to sprint into leadership positions

If women don’t secure senior jobs in the first decade of their careers, they often can’t do so later. But this dash to climb the ranks early takes a toll.


How offering paid parental leave from day one is boosting gender equality in the workplace

Many employers try to achieve a balance between what’s fair to the employee, while trying to avoid a ‘hit and run’ by new a recruit, who may file after being hired and then promptly leave.

The Sentinal

Failing to treat women equally hurts business: What you can do to fix it

Many employers see The Great Resignation as a chance to give their companies an enormous boost in employee morale and wellbeing by establishing true gender equity.

Inc. Magazine

Building Board Diversity

As corporate boards show some progress in welcoming women and people of color in the latest wave of new members, diversity trends pave the way for more tech leaders in the boardroom.

Mercyhurst University

Mercyhurst Board elects three new trustees

When the Mercyhurst University Board of Trustees hosted its spring meeting on May 14, 2022, it welcomed three newly elected trustees.

Inc. Magazine

Smart Businesses Are Paying Attention to Antiwork Forums

Workers have been ranting on Reddit about how poorly their jobs treat them. Rather than dismiss them as complainers, some employers and managers are trying to figure out how to improve job satisfaction.

Fortune Magazine

Women are driving the labor shortage, and experts have identified a crucial solution

As of last month, there are still more than one million fewer women in the labor force than in February 2020. The most recent Bureau of Labor Statistics jobs report indicates that men are back to normal and have recouped their pandemic-related job loss rate. Women, on the other hand, have been left behind, due in part to the struggle to find and retain childcare during the ongoing pandemic.

Authority Magazine

The Great Resignation & The Future Of Work

Christine Spadafor On How Employers and Employees Are Reworking Work Together


Building Board Diversity

As corporate boards show some progress in welcoming women and people of color in the latest wave of new members, diversity trends pave the way for more tech leaders in the boardroom.

Kindred at Home Health Care

Kindred at Home Names Christine Spadafor to Board of Directors

The nation’s largest home health, community care, and hospice provider has named Christine Spadafor, JD, ScM, RN to its Board of Directors.