Management Consulting

As any business school professor will tell you,

“Strategy is the art of making choices.”

That simple statement makes strategy sound easy enough. But when the stakes are high (your company’s survival, your career, your personal reputation, etc.) how will you make “artful” strategic choices — the kind that yield transformational results?

  • Thorough research is a necessary foundation. But you must assume that your competitors have similar information. If you want to leverage your research efforts, learn to spot “the soft stuff” that’s just below the surface of interviews and anecdotes. That’s where the game-changing insights often begin.
  • Thoughtful analysis sheds light on competitive advantages — and threats. Day after day, you’re focused on “getting things done” leaving little time for in-depth analysis of your changing marketplace. But you must make time for this important work, if you are to achieve uncommon success in your enterprise.
  • Objective perspectives help shift your perspective. With an experienced partner at your side, you’ll benefit from objective analysis that identifies critically important trends, competitive advantages and potential threats.
  • Flawless implementation is the test of a practical strategic plan. Tempted by a “fancy” strategy that might-or-might-not work under “real world” market conditions?

When it comes to translating analysis into action, your bias should be for practical strategies that truly can — and will — be executed flawlessly. That’s how you get transformational results.

Comments & Testimonials from Client Strategic Planning Sessions

“She kept us focused, on task, and on time, with clarity, confidence, a clear deft hand to process, and with deep listening. Christine did not hurry the group to a conclusion nor did she pre-empt any part of what the group wanted to create. Her process mixed people in rich ways to find a balance of possibilities. We were never bogged down, but rather buoyed by vibrant, thoughtful participation!”

“Christine expresses a clarity of purpose and exhibited flexibility that lent itself well to us clarifying our mission, vision, and plans around business strategy and sustainability.”

“Brings energy, commitment, and experience into the room.”

“She competently, confidently and humbly led our organization through an incredibly difficult moment in a way that honored our mission, our work, and our people.”

“She is magic – bringing people together and helping them feel heard. People left the session feeling connected to each other, to the mission, and to the path forward. Her style and format made people feel both comforted and confident, mobilized and empowered. We’re thinking differently and approaching the work differently than we did before working with her.”

“Christine instilled in our group trust in her expertise and leadership. We all felt we were in very good hands, and the outcome was excellent.”

“Christine offered me a new lens through which to see my role. Noticing things I did not before, seeing things with a newer clarity. She is incredibly patient and non-judgmental.”

Let’s work together to make – and implement – practical strategic choices that transform your organization.