Board Advisory Services

Does your Board of Directors provide a competitive advantage?

Or is something missing in your board meetings?

A well-functioning board of directors is critically important to your organization’s success. With a talented and collaborative board, the wind is at your back:

  • Difficult issues are more easily resolved.
  • Worthwhile initiatives are explored and implemented.
  • Time and money are spent wisely and well.
  • Even the most challenging goals seems possible — and your competitive advantage is clear.

When it comes to translating analysis into action, your bias should be for practical strategies that truly can — and will — be executed flawlessly. That’s how you get transformational results.

Sometimes a Board of Directors just isn’t working well…

Sooner-or-later, even the best board gets “stuck” — with issues that must be successfully resolved before your organization can achieve its most pressing goals. That’s when an experienced consultant — with the right tools — can make all the difference.

Dr. Howard Ishiyama

I was very happy to participate in a session that was facilitated by Christine Spadafor. It covered a day and a half. She came in to help us with our Board of Directors and I think we accomplished a great many things. She helped us to look at our Board Committee structure and she helped us to review our board responsibilities. She particularly helped us to come to terms with a vexing issue for us which is the role of the board, vis-a-vis administration and leadership. I think we will take the lessons and outcomes from this retreat forward and we will grow as an institution.

“Christine made everyone feel comfortable, enabling candid, thoughtful conversation.”

“Listens well, incorporates feedback, and organizes complex material with great skill.”

“Christine is thorough and results oriented.”

Dr. Anthony Quainton

Christine Spadafor led us over the last day in a process of internal board evaluation and what was particularly striking about that day was her ability to pull together an enormous diversity of views among a very diverse board and to integrate their ideas. As you can see from the board behind me, there were hundreds of ideas, to pull them together and take out of those ideas, concrete suggestions for effective action for change and for the more effective mobilization of the institutions talents and resources.

“Christine was organized and clear. She made participation safe but at the same time challenged us to get to important dialogue.”

“Smart, focused, brings relevant expertise and perspective, and effective process to help us become more aligned and effective.”

“Interesting, dynamic, kept us on our toes!”

“She listens to everyone’s ideas non-judgmentally and synthesizes them into a form which is useful in going forward.”

Working together, we can develop a board of directors that work effectively to get things done.