Q. Where can I find recommendations and testimonials from your former clients and colleagues?

A. On this site, please review the Testimonials page. Alternatively, you may look at my recommendations and testimonials on LinkedIn and at christinespadafor.com

Q. I see you have diverse experience in law, business, government, and non-profits. Why are all those experiences relevant to my business issues?

A. In more than 20 years of consulting experience, I have observed a marked similarity among the business issues and challenges confronting most clients — regardless of their specific industry. Even so, our clients often remark on how helpful it is to have a consultant who provides a broad, “multi-dimensional” perspective and experience on complex challenges.

Q. What approach do you follow?

A. SpadaforClay provides customized approaches and solutions depending on the needs of the client. In every case, however, our work is strategic, practical and results-focused.

You will benefit most from “end-to-end” solutions — where our involvement ranges from strategy development through implementation. (We typically will “pass” on an engagement opportunity that requests only a strategic plan with no involvement in its implementation.)

Q. How do you add value to clients?

A. As a client, you will come to expect us to provide value in these ways:

  • Careful listening in order to identify your organization’s real challenges
  • Serving as a trusted advisor to executives in the highest levels of your company
  • Collaborating with staff — and engaging them, as appropriate, in designing solutions to your current challenges
  • Bringing order from chaos
  • Bringing simplicity from complexity
  • Providing practical, actionable solutions that deliver results
  • Maintaining consistent communications with “no surprises”
  • Respecting your employees, and working as a team member and colleague

Q. Some of my colleagues are skeptical about bringing in a consultant. How can we know whether Management Consulting services can make a difference for us?

A. When you’re bringing in a consultant, a healthy skepticism is appropriate. My approach is to be direct, practical and results-focused. A mutual understanding up-front helps keep both the client and consultant focused on what the consultant is expected to deliver.

If you would like to discuss the specifics of your consulting needs, please be in touch via this site’s Contact Form.

Q. Can my organization afford you?

A. My pricing approaches are flexible and its fees are determined based on a number of factors including:

  • Nature of the engagement;
  • Urgency of the work. (I have considerable experience with crisis situations and turnarounds.)
  • Type of entity. (I offer non-profit discounts.)
  • Programs can include an hourly fee arrangement, a daily fee, a weekly fee or a flat rate for the project.

Q. What if we have a conversation – and I learn that you may not be the right consulting firm for my problem?

A. Consulting engagements can be “high stakes” matters that are crucial to a client’s long-term success. Remember, many projects are time-intensive — meaning that you may be working side-by-side with a consulting firm for weeks or months. Consequently, finding the right “fit” with a consulting firm is crucial. My advice?

  • Hire a consultant you trust.
  • Find someone with a solid “track record” of accomplishment.
  • Seek someone with whom you can have open communications.
  • Look for someone who is a “team player” (more interested in promoting a well-functioning group than in being seen as “a star.”)

Take a look at my credentials and testimonials. If you like what you see, let’s have a conversation. And if it seems that I am not the right consultant for your needs, I will encourage you to interview other candidates until you find a consultant with whom you “resonate.” I wish you every success!

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A Wealth of Experience

“Christine Spadafor brings a wealth of experience to the Tuck classroom – CEO, senior consultant, board member, and leader. Students and faculty alike have greatly enjoyed Christine’s regular trips to Tuck as a Visiting Executive, where she brings her personal experiences to the classroom in a way that students find energizing and informative.”

~ Paul Danos, Dean, Tuck School of Business at Dartmouth

Learn how Christine Spadafor’s team transformed St. Jude’s Ranch for Children from a struggling charity into a nationally recognized success story while CEO.