In the context of International Women’s Day, I was featured in Julien Pham’s newsletter and his ‘Spotlight On’ series – where he amplifies the passion driving the personalities of the 3CC ecosystem (Third Culture Capital.)

From Julien:

“I met Christine a few years ago in the context of non-profit work we did together. As the immediate past chair of a wonderful organization , I was leading a board that was decimated, and an organization that needed strategic guidance urgently. Christine came “to the rescue” as a PRO-BONO consultant to help us turnaround the organization, raise morale of the staff and the board, and put us on the kind of trajectory that not only saved the organization but also made it more resilient in the face of what was to come next, COVID19. I was so impressed by her experience, poise, empathy, and effectiveness that we have remained friends since and it became natural to hand over the reins of the Chairmanship and watch the organization start a new cycle. As I was launching 3CC, I came to Christine asking if she could introduce me to extraordinary women leaders like her, and not only did she join the journey as a Venture Partner but she became a powerful ambassador to the fund’s vision. Thank you Christine for believing in the mission of 3CC and for the leadership you demonstrate.”

Disruption is the new norm. Research shows that employees who adapt to rapidly changing environments with agility, and manage changing circumstances are the ones that remain most relevant in these turbulent times. I’m not saying it’s easy to do. I am saying it’s ESSENTIAL to do.